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About Us

We have been apart of the waterski community for over 25 years.  Between us we have won major titles and honors throughout this long career.


As part of being a pro athlete, we have been coached by some of the best coaches in the world and garnered a wide knowledge of all aspects of our sport.  We provide 3 -event coaching from beginner to advanced level.


Thomas Asher is a pro tour competitor, competing on the highest stage.  He has represented the Great British Waterski team since 1994,


June Fladborg Asher, a native of denmark had to make the move over the US to compete and train with the best.  She has superseded all her goals and won every major tournament in Water Skiing, the highlight being a World Record in the Women’s Jump event.  She also holds the Danish slalom record with 3 @ 38 off.


Through their dedication and understanding of the sport.  June and Tom can help you develop your skills on the water.  We provide a full service to give you the best opportunity for success, whether that’s getting out the water for the first time on one ski, running the course for the first time, or landing a jump.


We’ll also help you tune your equipment and make sure everything is set up correctly.


Our aim is for you to have an all-around great experience with us at the lake. Tom and June will talk with you about your previous skiing experience. Whether you are with us for just for 1 lesson… a weekend… or a week… we will make a plan with you by discussing your goals for the set to get the most out of your time on the water.


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