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Where to start if you want to jump

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Jumping is not scary and can be started at any age range, we've had people start at age 8 and age 50. The scary part of jumping is not being able to find the right information or be prepared in the right way to go over the ramp.

Jumping is dangerous when done under the wrong supervision, their is very little information to fall back on, it will be our goal to help you not only be coached to jump but also to fully understand jumping in a simple way. Technique is key, but the crew around you and the knowledge to progress step by step is hyper critical.

Below are a few key no no's

- never go over the ramp without learning to use jump skis first

- don't go with an inexperienced driver

- never learn to jump without a rope release

-never go faster than 22mph

- learn to jump the wakes

Here are some steps to take before you go over the ramp for the first time.

step 1: cross the wakes on jump skis

step 2: lift each ski and hold up in the air

step 3: jump the wakes without pulling on the handle keeping arms straight

step 4: on land step off bench and land on balls of feet keeping your hips and shoulders on

top of your ankles with your eyes looking forward

step 5: Time to slide over the ramp

Our next video will show how to cross the wakes and the correct body position needed

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